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Reasons For Security Walls

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Security Fences have two main purposes: safety and protection. People are looking to safeguard their property and children while protecting the quality of the landscaping of the separated area. Together, these two purposes have promoted the increase in concrete security fences.

Concrete Security Fence Designs

In high security establishments, perimeter barrier are designed by security engineering consultants to protect the target as well as those on the outside. To achieve this, security wall engineering consultants consider materials used, installation, operators, line of sight and durability.

“To keep a perpetrator from completing his sequence of tasks to get to his target, you have to look at a fence as part of a series of perimeters,” Kevin Gardner, a security engineering consultant said. “It is very important to have everything working together - detection, assessment and barriers that will allow enough time to prevent him from reaching his objective."


In residential and low security commercial areas, security walls are often designed to prevent accidents such as stopping small children from falling into a pool. In addition, they are used to discourage crime, stop access to parking spots, protect valuables and offer safety to people.

Security Fence Options

Whether you are installing a security fence in a high security or low security location, you certainly want to have a durable, solid barrier. While some security projects will require effectual incorporation of gates, gate workers, razor tape and barbed wire, other projects can adequately achieve the goals listed above with heavy-duty barrier walls. When a heavy-duty security wall is needed, AFTEC’s Concrete Security Fence offers a solid precast concrete barrier in a variety of heights and looks. These concrete fences benefit from unique concrete form liners to give the walls the desired look and decorative fence feel.

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