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Frequently Asked Questions about Precast Concrete Fencing

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Q. What materials are the StoneTree® walls made of?

The materials are formed concrete and steel reinforcing.

Q. How does the cost compare to stone or brick wall?

The price differential varies depending upon the type of stone or brick wall you are comparing it to. A totally natural stone wall would cost approximately five times the cost of the StoneTree® Wall System. Manufactured stone (i. e. Cultured Stone®, Eldorado Stone, Harristone™) and brick would cost more than three times the cost of the StoneTree® Wall System. A StoneTree® decorative concrete block wall would be comperable in cost to a block wall, but install faster. The main savings is in the labor, which is substantially less with our systems than other walls in the marketplace.

Q. How durable is this material compared to natural stone or brick?

The solid steel reinforced precast concrete fence manufactured from AFTEC's forming systems are much more durable than natural stone and brick mainly because there are no mortar joints, therefore eliminating the mortar bonding problems common with stone and brick. StoneTree® Precast Concrete Walls have an expansion joint designed every 15 lineal feet preventing expansive soil and settling problems that normally occur with conventional masonry stone and brick walls.

Q. How much does the product weigh per square foot?

It averages out to approximately 65 lbs. per square foot.

Q. How many lineal feet/meters does the standard AFTEC Forming System produce per casting?

The standard precast concrete forms are manufactured in banks of six column/panel units that total 90 lineal feet (27 lineal meters) of fence wall per casting.

Q. How much concrete does the system require for each pour?

An eight foot (2.4 meters) forming system requires approximately 12 cubic yards (9 cubic meters) of concrete, while the six-foot ( 1.8 meters) system uses approximately 9 cubic yards, (6 cubic meters) of concrete.

Q. What is the weight and dimensions of the StoneTree® Combo-Cast units?

Each six foot (1.8 meter) high column/panel unit is 15’ 4” (4.64 meters) in length and weighs approximately 6,000 lbs (2700 kg). Each eight foot (2.4 meter) high column/panel unit is 15' 4" (4.64 meters) in length and weighs approximately 8,000 lbs(3600 kg).

Q. Are the AFTEC Combo-Cast™ column panel units ever cast on site?

Yes. The casting may be performed onsite on larger projects, which saves transportation, handling costs and increases efficiency.

Q. What type of wind specifications are the StoneTree® wall systems engineered to?

The StoneTree® Wall Systems have been designed to meet many different site conditions from standard designs withstanding 90 mph winds to hurricane conditions of 150 mph. The walls are also designed for local seismic forces and soil conditions.

Q. Why is AFTEC’s rigid footing support system superior to traditional footings engineered with steel reinforcing?

The AFTEC wall system includes the proprietary rigid footing support system, consisting of a rigid structural support embedded in the footing and protruding up half of the height of the wall, eliminating the need for steel reinforcing cages in the footings which are required with engineered designs of rebar connecting the columns to the footings (grouted cell design). The rigid support system is the safest and most stable method of installing a precast fence, eliminating the risk of panels tipping over while the footing cures. During installation, the Combo-Cast™ column panel unit safely encompasses the rigid structural support eliminating grouting and temporary bracing.

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